Making the Most of Social: Hot New Features Update

Social media lives in the moment, and never as much as right now. Current trends in digital marketing are following an in-your-face approach to captivate audiences with interactive and live-streaming video, and promoting your property has become a video-heavy endeavor.

Facebook Goes Live

The undisputed king of social media, Facebook has announced new algorithms that seek to dominate live space online. Interactive, streaming video via the Facebook “live” feature is set to move straight to the top of viewers’ news feeds, so it’s a natural option for live “open house”-type property tours. Viewers can comment on your live feed with questions, which you can answer in real-time—a boon to the rental property market seeking to meet potential young renters where they live. On Facebook.

Twitter vs. Instagram and Snapchat

The ultimate forum for re-tweeted drama, Twitter is seeing a slump despite efforts to engage audiences with more GIF and video posting capabilities. It’s facing serious competition from Instagram and Snapchat, both of which are showing strong growth and engaging audiences with new advertising algorithms and video-streaming options. If you’re using Twitter as part of your social media marketing mix, add Instagram and Snapchat to cover all your bases, and don’t be afraid to cross-post.

Livestreaming: The New Darling of Social Media

Facebook isn’t the only place where you can find live streaming video: Periscope has made such an impact on digital marketing that Google is now developing YouTube Connect, a livestreaming app designed to help brands connect with audiences immediately and in an interactive setting. Remember to post those videos once the live stream is over; Pinterest is adopting video ads with an auto-play feature that initiates when the viewer stops scrolling.

Video is the new king of content for 2016, so break out that cell phone and start connecting with those tech-savvy potential tenants you may have been missing. Class A Management has experts who want to help you develop your marketing strategy and protect your occupancy rates. Call us today at 817-284-1411 or e-mail